Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an education that inspires students to achieve success and fulfill their dreams.



Success fosters success.  Our students experience higher self-esteem, greater academic confidence, accomplishment, and excellence through the creation of a culture of life-long learning.


Core Values

We believe:

  • Every Student has the ability and desire to learn. ALL students can learn when taught carefully.”  Teaching is structured in such a way to ensure maximum learning.  This is accomplished by breaking each item to be taught down to the smallest task, with each task taught sequentially.
  • Learning should not be left to chance.  Our teachers are trained to achieve excellence through coaching, mentoring, and teaching our curriculum to fidelity.  Learning is structured to ensure success.
  • All mistakes are corrected immediately.  Research shows that correcting mistakes immediately prevents the retention of misinformation.  This method is not the same as “teaching to the test,” or giving students answers, but is providing them with accurate information.  Every mistake is an opportunity to learn.
  • Good teaching involves active learning.  Our students are highly engaged, and every lesson uses 3 styles of learning: visual, auditory, and written.
  • Data drives all instructional decisions.  Students’ needs determine exact placement and group size.

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