In every aspect of our services, the linchpin of our outreach success is personal and friendly outreach with our entire school community.  Our success is largely due to the school community of students, families and school faculty; which is our client-base.  From participation at back-to-school nights, parent teacher conferences and school open house events, Dreamcatcher informs our client-base of the advantages of enrolling into our programs of direct instruction.




If personal and friendly outreach is the linchpin of our success, family communication is part-and-partial of what we do.  We refer to “families” as in reality, many of our students are raised by a guardian, grandparent, uncle or aunt or other relatives, and even by foster parents.

We believe that engaging the family to play an active role in their students’ tutoring, is essential to ensuring academic success for all students.


Dreamcatcher offers services that many Providers may simply overlook, such as:

  •      Parent Help Line – English & Spanish
  •      Written communication as required – English & Spanish
  •      Telephonic outreach to inform parents of program start dates, student attendance, special
  •      Dreamcatcher events, pre-post assessments, Student Learning Plans, 10 & 20  hour Progress  Reports
  •      Bad weather notices and the end-of-program date notice.

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