For schools and school districts, Dreamcatcher Direct Instruction Centers is more than just an approved Colorado state SES Provider with a quality curriculum and dedicated team of teachers and managers.  We use a curriculum series for both reading and math that has a continuous track record of success dating all the way back to Project Follow Through.  We also offer other services such as Response To Intervention (RTI), Turnaround programs, and consulting services; all which are within the scope of this company.

We can offer in-school programs as part of RTI.  They can be through ELL services with our 2 language programs; Language for Learning, and Spoken English.  We can also offer any of our developmental or corrective reading programs as part of school intervention times, or as tier 3 using our curriculum as the replacement core.


For Turnaround, we expect to be listed on the Colorado Department of Education website in August, 2011.  We have the ability to help with a portion of the school day and curriculum, or implement a complete new program within a school.


As a consultant source, Dreamcatcher has a high rate of success in multiple states.  We have expertise in setting up new programs using Direct Instruction both as intervention and as core curriculum.  We also have years of experience in successful adolescent programs, classroom management, and raising achievement scores.


In every one of our offerings, our teachers receive the necessary training and also on-going coaching.  They are not just given the materials and told “here, teach this,” as other Providers are likely to do with their teachers.  This overall attention to detail allows us to be able to tailor all our programs to meet a variety of needs that students, schools or school districts might have.


All in all, Dreamcatcher is a wealth of information and experience for you to access in all the above areas.  We are just a phone call away and can create a life time of positive change for any school and the students within.



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